L.J. Schneiderman

Lawrence J. Schneiderman, M.D.

Professor emeritus in the Departments of Family Medicine and Public health, and Medicine, at the University of California, San Diego, has had a distinguished career in medicine and ethics.

Founding co-chair of the University of California, San Diego Medical Center Ethics Committee, he has been an invited visiting scholar and visiting professor at institutions in the United States and abroad, and is a recipient of the Pellegrino Medal in medical ethics. He was most recently a visiting scholar in the Program in Medicine and Human Values at the California Pacific Medical Center.

Lawrence Schneiderman has written more than 170 medical and scientific publications, including The Practice of Preventive Health Care (Addison Wesley), Wrong Medicine: Doctor’s Patients and Futile Treatment (with Nancy S. Jecker, Ph.D.) (Johns Hopkins), and, Embracing Our Mortality: Hard Choices in an Age of Medical Miracles (Oxford). He is also a published novelist, prize-winning playwright and short story writer.

Schneiderman is a fellow in the American College of Physicians and is Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board of The Physician’s Index for Ethics in Medicine. He conducts empirical research on end-of-life care, and provides ethics consultations and invited talks for a variety of audiences, including academics and practitioners in medicine, law and philosophy, as well as the lay public.

Professor Emeritus, Medicine / Family & Preventive Medicine
Del Mar ,Ca